Truth is undoubtedly a very rare commodity in a dictatorship , autocrats never hear anyone but who they choose to hear .It is a usually a mutualy beneficil relationship eminating from inconsiderate selfish gains. One has to lament the Tinkhundla system’s existance in our country and do away with such a parasitic system. yes in all aspects of life those who gain from something will fiecely defend the existence of whatsoevr they believe is right even if it is evident that it is not sustainable. take forinstance the royal extended family as a whole the system favors them lesser than it should but only a handfull of those brave souls have come out to condemn the existance of a system that is in so many ways a shambolic jail even to them as blue bloods. as long as none of them tells the truth to the ruler the whole institution will perish taking them with it because a day of reconing when the masters whip exchanges hands is upon us where your actions will be judged a change that is inevitable —


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