There’s no doubt a self serving system of governance, despite a myriad of problems and a steady decline in popularity over the last decade remains in the reigns of out of touch decision making. The dialogue recommended soon after the unrest by SADC leaders is proving to be nothing but a get rich quick scheme for those in the right positions and the beginning of a life long struggle for Emaswati. Those given the alluring task of impressing King Mswati by keeping the people in check to reap self serving favours from the collapsing monarch have already shown their desire to further live of the pain of Emaswati. Case in point Prince Simelane who recently gave his biased view of the real situation by defining an imposing type of way forward where a supposed Dialogue is supposed to take place. I will not delve much on this but anyone looking to understand my point may simply refer to state media and other media platforms to verify my point. The corridors of Lozitha’ehlezi palace are probably abuzz with displays of fictional stories of the way forward as a nation instead of truths, I say this because cabinets mum nature on issues so sensitive to the people’s wellbeing is not due to ignorance but fear, yes fear of the known fear of loosing favour and consequently being dumped to the cold like Bo Mfomfo Nkambule and so many before and after him. What anyone says now wrong or right is subject to vigorous scrutiny by unknown forces that will influence King Mswati and how he receives the statements. Whosoever has pleased King Mswati enough will be appointed into sham committees that will benefit monetary benefits and looking at the E 22 million carrot “BA to khotsa hhayi kancane”.

However daunting the task ahead is,the procession of the Dialogue should be by the will of the people furthermore free and fair. We the people must not yield to whatever skeem King Mswati and his emabandla “committees” have placed. Sitting one meer mortal in a Gold encrusted chair and sitting the people on cow dung as a power play is not going to work, not when we all want to be on level terms so as to freely express our views as Emaswati. King Mswati must remember he is mortal like all, he may have drunk from the poisonous chalice of absolute power but he is but just another speck of matter in this the people’s country. King Mswati’s imposed Sibaya must burn for all I give a hoot, it is an instrument of oppression why should we be subjected to inferiority by one mortal and his chosen few in our own land, when we the People afford him that power he uses to oppress us. We are not his subjects no more than we are his equals as Emaswati. It would be folly for us as Emaswati to know,see and feel yet fold to the tyranny that comes with his ways. Democracy is not imposed to date his monarchical democracy is his and his alone to understand that is why we the people are at the receiving end of a rotten side of it we don’t know what it is really, but his painful will on us. If king Mswati was a king for the people not his lifestyle he would have not arrested HNR Bacede Mabuza and HNR Mthandeni Dube and further pushed for the arrest of HNR Mduduzi Simelane who spoke for their people. Say it was just 3 people from each of the constituencies it is still by law their duty to voice whatever they were sent to voice in parliament.

Gone are the days of those imposed life altering hacks such as Bo Vusela and Sibaya that have no detailed reports or even minutes on findings that lead to recommended actions by leaders. This is an untable situation that we have allowed to fester for far too long we can not be this passive and naive if we are to be free. It is way past time to take stand and avoid conflict and confusion which in my view and the majorities view is detrimental for the collective. Our economy can not withstand the aftermath. The repercussions of conflict domestic geopolitical or any form or shape for us are not something we can survive PERIOD!!

Historically all the empires and dynasties fell at the hands of ignorance, the misinformation or confusion as to where real power emanates from and that is the people. Kings Emperor’s Presidents etc have used everything but the truth to stay in power they have killed lied used supernatural powers etc but it is the people who ultimately decide. If the institution of the monarchy “Bukhosi” is to survive I call on them to call King Mswati to order or they are looking to get rid of him like Mkabayi and the Zulu household? The most glaring fact here is if no one can call king Mswati to order Kuba Kubo or among his kindred let us all agree no one man should have so much power, because it means the institution of the monarchy will parish with him.

Let us all have a voice on how to go about getting to an amicable solution for all involved. Or maybe the thought is we must all calm down before we engage in talks or worse the other side is playing mind games using time to run down the truth and distort international information on we having discussed our own issues our own way? Change wont go away even time is loyal to change, it is the times that demand change from the people. King Mswati should be wary of the fickle nature of his inner circle most if not all are not loyal to him but are beneficiaries from his ignorance.


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