Angi Bukelanga

Emaswati have been led to believe they are lesser beings than a few chosen, even at their best they are not until the approval comes from ordained deities. It has taken loss of innocent “unarmed” civilian lives and not to mention an outpour of absolute egotism for the people to realize how bad we have it as Emaswati. If anything, the statements by His Majesty King Mswati III when disbursing Emabutfo on 09 Jan 2022 and during the Called Sibaya On 16 July 2021 immediately after the massacre of more than 100 Emaswati is anything to go by LO NGA BONI AKAFUNI!!! I may have not been privileged or ambitious enough to take leadership classes or qualified in public relations, but I am sure divisive statements do not benefit anyone but those individuals voicing them. What is nation building without unity, no given structures to arrive at those statements except evidently state controlled media and those benefiting the regime to explain to the average Liswati. A divide and conquer strategy seems to be at play, with the political situation in Eswatini the most popular choice by our leaders is to divide the nation. How then does a nation sustain peace when divided? as I decry my Question of “what if the monarchy was the uniting factor in Eswatini” the rude awakening was NO!! the people were oppressed fear and lack of knowledge ruled while the Monarchy as an institution was being destroyed by King Mswati III for self-gain. If no one except those who have come out to tell the King, he as a person was out of line from the blue bloods then this confirms a dictatorship alas a good monarchy is an institution not an individual it provides checks and balances not only for the few but the nation.

 As the PPA’s are struggling to convince the majority whom I feel are moderates or doubting Toms he has made it easy in essence for any sensible Liswati to make the decision on whether to be or not be. As we live in these Pre-Dialogue times one must ask several questions on the proceedings and how they will shape the outcome in this defining moment. With unpopular opinions now officially labelled as treason how does one express themselves freely at Sibaya? Am I the only one with no information or clarity, on direction and assurances from our King on procession guaranteeing free and fair dialogue? History the limited History I know is precise and without dilute to date no amended document has ever been availed by previous and current Government or leaders outlining the outcomes of any Sibaya ever held in the country except Vusela which brought our current constitution. Who is to say that was not an international standard or prerequisite or it had a preempted outcome for selfish gain? The last Sibaya in my opinion was a display of superiority, absolute disregard of any form of concession of the real situation which is that Change is inevitable.

Our issues or situation should have been part of the agenda in the SADC meeting held in Malawi Lilongwe but to date the Prime Minister or those representing the nation have not published the minutes or at least our submission, or it is as we have always known or been told by state-controlled media that he was representing His Majesty king Mswati III. Lest we forget that his appointment came with the mentioned conceit. Our Prime Minister is outshined by his deputy so much so one would swear Masuku is running the show, by the way some of the prime minister’s personal affairs are being handled by DPM’s office. Is the Prime minister out of his depth when making decisions? My point is this is borne out of absolute power. Gone are those days when State funded trips were of no concern to the citizens we now need to be informed or are the trips still Government funded shopping sprees?

The PPA’s inability to learn from this regime is obvious when it comes to dissemination of information which is a dire reality most Emaswati rely on their platforms for information, but none has come with a report from these definitive occasions this information not only works to awaken the moderates but even the conscience of the so-called conservative. If you don’t emphasize your stance no one will. Since numbers of those openly calling for political reforms are growing than dwindling most moderates are lingering toward that. The tip of the iceberg is just a confirmation of what resonates with their beliefs if they are to affiliate themselves with such change what are the values objectives mission and overall outcome of this movement?

Remember under the right conditions and with enough time gratitude can turn into worship or worse devotion.


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